Bericht aus Minnesota

Weekend Trip

On our last weekend we did a trip together with our exchange partners. We all met at 8 am at the Highschool and took the bus to Red Wing, a beautiful town in Minnesota. There we could get a coffee at Caribou coffee and walk around in small groups to discover downtown with all the little stores. Most of us visited the Red Wing shoe shop where you can buy traditional and handmade boots.

Afterwards we took the bus again and went for a short hike to the Frontenac State Park. With a plan of all the trails we could go hiking on our own and got a beautiful view of the Mississippi River and Lake Pepin. We also enjoyed the fresh air and all the colorful leaves on the floor. Later we had a picnic and ate the lunches we brought from home.

Our next stop was at Lark Toys, which is the largest independent toy store in the US. There we had the opportunity to see many old-fashioned toys like dolls, books, games, cars, cuddly toys and a lot of other things. Some of us also played minigolf or bought some candies, cakes and souvenirs. After two hours we met again at the bus and drove us to the National Eagle Center to continue our tour.

There we got a little talk from a tour guide who told us something about the Eagles which live there and about the work of the center. He told us a lot about the natural life of Eagles and showed us one of the four eagles. The talk was funny because he made a lot of jokes the whole time. Afterwards we walked around in the rest of the center, saw the other eagles and could buy merch. 

After driving about one and a half hour we finally arrived at the Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark. We went to our rooms and left them as fast as we could again so we could spend as much time as possible in the water. It was a lot of fun. They had about 8 different waterslides and a wave pool. Later we went downstairs to eat pizza. Also, many of us ate a cupcake and played cards or things like that. You also could go into a souvenir shop of the hotel, where they had lots of nice things to buy. All of us had a great time and went to bed very tired but happy.

The next morning we first had a great breakfast. There was a buffet with scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal, fruits and many other delicious things. Next, we packed our stuff and drove about an hour to a beautiful city named Stillwater. We had two and a half hours of free time. Stillwater has so many cute and stunning shops which are perfect to look at and buy something. We even found a German shop with Christmas decorations from Germany. At the end of the two and a half hours we went back to the bus and drove about one hour back to school. Everyone said goodbye and left with their exchange partners.

It was a great weekend, we had a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it. We learned lots of new things and had a fantastic time together.

Vanessa, Phoebe